If you're serious about making BIG money with affiliate marketing, this is the most important message you will EVER read (No B.S, No Hype, I'm serious) . . .

"Finger Licking, Lip Smacking, Cash Banking, Commission Doubling, Super-Sonic-Super-Tool For the Super-Geek-Super-Affiliate"

There's only one tool I've ever used as an affiliate marketer that - in less than 5 minutes of work - can literally DOUBLE - EVEN TRIPLE - your commissions.

It's what I've done and it's what a lot of others have done too.

For a couple of years I kept a cheap but effective tool that does a fraction of what Blog Popper can do TOP SECRET.

Then I became hated by the guru crowd (a very small and elite membership at that) when I spilled the beans in the Adwords Black Book. People say all the time "there are no secrets" - Oh contrare, my friend there are secrets.

Of course a few pimply faced geeks got ahold of this inside information and abused the hell out of it. And something with the potential to help a lot of people became a sleazy practice used by fraudsters.

Why Airport Security is Laughable

Every time I have some "plump" airport security guard dig through my carry on goods and say "Sir, you can't bring this 6 ounce tube of toothpaste on the plane" it simply reaffirms what I already know - this whole thing is nothing more than a show to create the illusion of security.

Did you know you could kill a person with a pair of glasses?


You can pull the arm off a pair of glasses and stick it through a persons temple in the side of their head. It would kill a person almost instantly.

In fact, on my desk in front of me are any number of objects that could be used to seriously mame another human being. You have those items all around you too.

Perfectly useful, functional tools that help you improve your life and the life of others if used properly could also be used to take a life.

That's a pretty serious thing we're talking about -

Are these tools bad? Hell no. What's good or bad is the intention behind how they're used.

Anyone who wants to become a terrorist could become a terrorist with a little training and little creativity.

You don't need to walk onto a plane with a box cutter, a machete or a semi-automatic assault rifle to get the job done.

But that's not what rational, responsible, civilized human's do.

And what I'm talking about here is the same thing -

Because of Bad Judgement

You could steal commissions you haven't earned from a merchant.

You could commit fraud by cookie stuffing people who simply land on your site.

With a "first person cookied" policy, you could drop cookies all over the place and steal commissions from the person WORKING to earn it.

You could have thousands of people trafficing your popular forum and stuff cookies on all of them.

There's a lot you could do, sure.

Right now you could also kidnap a kid from the local school yard, drive your car through a neighbor's front window, go shop lift the local merchant, steal people's mail, prank call people in the middle of the night, etc, etc, etc.

But that's not what most of us choose to do. Having the potential to do that doesn't mean that's the choice we'll make.

So let's talk about what I am talking about here . . .

Because of Blog Popper

  • You can rewrite someone elses sales copy and help them sell more product. Take a good product, with a bad sales letter - rewrite the sales letter, cut the merchant's ineffective site out of the picture and link DIRECTLY to the order page.

    Who cares?

    You're helping someone make more sales than they would have by doing what you do best. This is a good thing.

  • You can build a list and create follow-up autoresponder messages and help them sell more product.

    We KNOW that list building is a good thing. We know that follow-up email doubles, even triples sales. But what we know is UNCOMMON knowledge, even online.

    Now, you can send people to a squeeze page, have them optin, follow-up and produce more sales.

    Plus, again, after optin you can send the person anywhere YOU want - to a sales letter, or your site or anothers, to an order page, to a free 5-lesson course - whatever.

    And who cares?

    You're helping someone make more sales than they would have by doing what you do best. This is a good thing.

  • You can direct people to more specific pages on a merchant's site that do a better job of selling a product.

    Don't you just love being stuck with an affiliate link that takes people to a page that stands a snow balls chance in hell of converting someone?

    Now you can direct link ANYWHERE you want. You get to choose where you send people without being restricted by an affiliate link.

    And who cares?

    You're helping someone make more sales than they would have by doing what you do best. This is a good thing.

  • You can direct link to a merchant site, instead of using an affiliate link to give them more quality inbound links.

    Hey, this is just another good reason for merchant's to embrace this technology. It helps them.

    Seriously - would you pay people for inbound links that you only have to pay for if someone produces a sale - knowing full well that you're probably going get a whole lot of link love and free traffic you'll never pay for because of a hefty boost in the search engines?

    Seriously. You're helping someone make more sales than they would have by doing what you do best. This is a good thing.

  • And, you can increase the odds of being paid commissions you've EARNED. Who cares? I know you do.

    And I think you'll agree that getting paid for more of the sales you SHOULD be paid for is a good thing.

    That means you have more budget to promote further and wider. That's good for everyone.


It's OK That You Feel Euphoric Right Now

There's only one thing that needs to be said about Blog Popper - "Yeah Baby! Yeah."

Forget the underground grungy dirty images of fraudulent affiliates, rebel punks and commission theft.

Blog Popper isn't designed to do any of that. It's designed to help more people make more money. Period.

But here's where things get really good.

Blog Popper is designed to be an easy to install Wordpress Plugin. You will need to install a database to manage your data, but that's simple - then you can easily install Blog Popper to work on any Wordpress Blog.

Once installed, you simply enter your affiliate link and check the pages/posts on your blog that you want to run Blog Popper on.

Unlike programs that use Iframes, you don't have to worry about audio or video files playing in the background. We've taken care of that.

You don't need to worry about people peeping at your source code - they'll never see a thing if they do. This ensures your privacy - nobody else needs to know your business secrets.

To help you maintain a low profile, Blog Popper will only operate on the first visit to a page. In other words, if you have a visitor that's already been to your site and cookied then Blog Popper won't cookie again. Again, this ensures your privacy and doesn't inflate your click totals.

Blog Popper also includes a function that generates "impressions" so your click through rates don't appear to be too high.

We've included one other privacy feature that that keeps your referring URL a secret from merchants. This is important because we've found a lot of unscrupulous merchant's (or affiliate managers) who learn to recognize a good thing and clone it.

Like I said, I'm really not in the mood to write a long-winded sales letter.

All of the above is good stuff, but the best thing is this: if you take an existing affiliate campaign that's making you money and supplement it with Blog Popper then you're going to make more money.

It's as simple as that.

More of the people that you're convincing to buy are going go buy with your affiliate link. And if you didn't convince that person to buy and they go find another affiliate who closes the deal, then that affiliate will get the commission they deserve - no harm, no foul.


Although Blog Popper is designed for use with blogs (and I highly recommend building all of your sites on WordPress) we know there are people who want to experience the power of Blog Popper elsewhere - on regular old HTML, done by hand sites. Yes, Blog Popper will work for you too.

I know there's a lot of snake oil being peddled out there. And I don't expect you to believe a word I say - after all, I'm a guy named X. But if you try Blog Popper I'm absolutely convinced you have the opportunity to earn your investment back in days - if not hours. It's a remarkably powerful tool and I know you're going to love it. I consider this tool MUST HAVE for EVERY affiliate marketer - it should make you more money.

But if it doesn't work for you, I'll scratch my head in dumfounded amazement then refund your complete investment within 45-days of purchase.

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